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Blog Tour Book Review: Love Offline by Olivia Spring

Emily’s Struggling To Find Romance Online. Will Ditching The Dating Apps Lead To True Love?

Online dating isn’t working for introvert Emily. Although she’s comfortable swiping right at home in her PJs, the idea of going out to meet a guy in person fills her with dread.

So when her best friend challenges her to ditch the apps, attend a load of awkward singles’ events and find love in real life, Emily wants to run for the hills.

Then she meets Josh. He’s handsome, kind and funny, but Emily’s had her heart crushed before and knows he's hiding something…

Is Josh too good to be true? Can Emily learn to trust again and if she does, will it l
ead to love or more heartache?

My Review:

Welcome to my stop and the last stop on the Blog Tour for Olivia Spring's 'Love Offline'. Olivia is an author to watch, her stories just keep getting better and better!

‘Love Offline’ focuses on Emily, Emily is self employed and pretty much a recluse so it’s lucky she is able to work from home especially as she finds most of her time is spent hiding away from real life after catching her boyfriend cheating on her.  The ex boyfriend is a complete waste of space and I hated him right from the beginning.    

Emily Lives her life mostly online, dating sites and never ending Instagram scrolling especially on her ex's feed and after finding out his moved on she hits rock bottom. Her best friend Chloe, a technophobe and complete opposite to Emily, decides an intervention is needed and persuades her to live 2 months off line, a digital detox and living life out in the big wide world and give meeting new people a chance.

From single mingle events, to group walking tours to speed dating Emily bravely goes for it all and as the saying goes feel the fear and do it anyway!

Olivias writing makes it so easy to slip into the story and be involved. I loved the character Emily and I enjoyed the story. She was really relatable and the story pretty true to life, giving us all a little message that perhaps we should all live a little offline.

It was nice to read Emily’s story and throughout all the single mingling she did she came to make new friendships during her journey.   

People often say everything happens for a reason and in Emily’s case I would have to agree. 

I recommend this book, the story has a great balance, including lots of humour. Some of the disasters Emily goes through had me laughing out loud. However the story also focuses on lots of everyday issues that we all may face in our lives. The niggling insecurities that rear their ugly heads like not feeling good enough or feeling like you have to fit in with everyone else. Just posting a simple photo of yourself on Instagram would seem a mammoth task for Emily, checking the filters, putting the right hash tags on and these insecurities made Emily seem all the more real. 

Huge thank you to Olivia Spring for asking me to read and review another fab book and for the blog tour invitation.

Monday, 4 November 2019

Blog Tour Book Review: A Christmas Kiss by Eliza J. Scott

A sparkling festive romance that will warm your heart this Christmas.

The week before Christmas, GP Zander Gillespie finds his festive plans in tatters. He's supposed to be flying out to his parents' chateau in Carcassonne with his high-maintenance girlfriend, Melissa. But she has other ideas. She wants to spend Christmas in London with her party friends - and he's not invited. The prospect of facing his family, with their questions and their sympathy - not to mention the 'I told you so-s' - just isn't an option. Instead, Zander decides to head to his holiday cottage in the quaint moorland village of Lytell Stangdale, where he intends to hide away with his faithful rescue Labrador Alf.

Eighty miles away, Livvie's world has come crashing down. With plans to cook a romantic meal for her boyfriend, she heads home early and walks in on him in a compromising position with their neighbour. Fed-up of his lies and philandering ways, this is the final straw. With her Christmas plans up in smoke, the thought of spending it with her parents and her smug, married sister with her pompous husband in tow, is enough to bring Livvie out in hives. So, when she fires up her laptop and finds the perfect little holiday cottage in Lytell Stangdale available to rent over the festive period, it seems the perfect solution. Or is it...?

Zander didn't believe in love at first sight until he set eyes on Livvie. Livvie had sworn off men until she met Zander. The pair may be reluctant to give in to temptation, but fate seems to have other ideas...

Join Livvie and Zander - and all the usual characters - for a magical Christmas in Lytell Stangdale.

My Review:
Welcome to the opening day of the Blog Tour for A Christmas Kiss.

This book is number four in the Life on the Mooors series and it's my first ever Eliza J. Scott book!  I was a little wary of throwing myself into a series not having read the other three books but I can honestly say this can be read as a stand-alone with no feelings of missing out.  Although I do feel like I've missed out on some fab stories of other characters so I have added the first three books to my to be read pile.

A Christmas Kiss is about two people, two strangers who suddenly find themselves thrown together the week before Christmas.

Livvie is escaping her horrendous boyfriend Donny who doesn't deserve her after she finds him pretty much with his pants down with the next door neighbour.  Unable to face her family for comfort over the Christmas holidays she decides a break away on her own to get her thoughts in gear would be the ideal solution so she books herself a holiday cottage in a little village called Lytell Stangdale.  

Zander's also escaping his Christmas plans, he should have been holidaying with family at a Chateau in Carcassonne but after his girlfriend Mel gets a better option to party in London his plans are turned upside down and not wanting to face his family and all the sympathetic faces decides to head off for his holiday cottage alone in Lytell Stangdale.  Now you know where I'm heading with this...!  

Of course Zander isn't totally alone, Alf his dog stole the show and my heart.  So loveable and cheeky and in particular one situation he had me in stitches.  I really enjoyed reading the relationship between Zander and his dog Alf, the strong bond they have was so lovely.

Eliza's writing style makes for an enjoyable read, I was hooked from the first few lines.  I loved both characters, I loved that we got a chance to read their point of view during each chapter.  I also enjoyed the humour throughout making me grin like a cheshire cat while on public transport!   

Livvie and Zander have this instant chemistry while in Lytell Stangdale they try shutting out the real world living in a bubble but with both their pasts catching up with them they both have issues to resolve before they can move on.  Showing that you can't always run away from your past as it always has a knack of catching up with you whether you like it or not.

Livvie and Zander both get stuck into village life, fancy dress parties and Christmas carols round the Christmas tree.  Here we meet the characters from past books of the series.  Eliza does a great job of giving little background snippets for them all which really helps.  The local village folk soon have an effect on Livvie that she feels as if she has been there all her life and makes some wonderful friendships.

I'm a sucker for a festive romance book and this gave me everything I was hoping for and more.  A dream to read and made me feel full of festive cheer.  Who doesn't love a story full of humour, fun, romance and also every day real life issues that balance the story perfectly making it a little more true to life.

Big thanks to Eliza J. Scott and Rachel Randon Resources for the ARC and the invitation to this fab Blog Tour.  A must read this Christmas!

Author Bio

Eliza lives in a 17th-century cottage on the edge of a village in the North Yorkshire Moors with her husband, their two daughters and two mischievous black Labradors. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found with her nose in a book/glued to her Kindle or working in her garden. Eliza also enjoys bracing walks in the countryside, rounded off by a visit to a teashop where she can indulge in another two of her favourite things: tea and cake.

Eliza is inspired by her beautiful surroundings and loves to write heart-warming stories with happy endings.

Social Media Links 

Twitter: Eliza J Scott – @ElizaJScott1
Instagram: Eliza J Scott - @elizajscott
Facebook: Eliza J Scott - @elizajscottauthor
Amazon Author Page: 

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Blog Tour Book Review: Notting Hill in the Snow by Jules Wake

It's mayhem in Bethlehem…unless they can work together!

Viola Smith plays the viola in an orchestra (yes really!), but this year she's been asked to stretch her musical talents to organising Notting Hill's local nativity.
Nate Williams isn't looking forward to Christmas but as his small daughter, Grace, has the starring role in the show, he's forced to stop being a Grinch and volunteer with Viola.

With the sparks between them hotter than the chestnuts roasting in Portobello market, Nate and Viola can't deny their feelings. And as the snow starts to fall over London, they find themselves trapped together in more ways than one…

My Review:
Welcome to my stop on the Blog Tour for Jules Wake's newest read 'Notting Hill in the Snow'. I love a Jules Wake book, her writing style engages me from the first page until the very last sentance.

This story focuses mainly on Viola Smith, Viola, a kind and thoughtful soul who works at the London Metropolitan Opera Company playing in the orchestra with none other than the viola! Yep that's right!

After being asked to help with a local school nativity play through a Primary School outreach progrm and not being able to say no (which you end up finding out happens a lot!) It's not long before she meets Nate Williams, a lawyer and a governor at the same school, also father to Grace who attends the school and is part of the nativity.

Nate is struggling, balancing working full time as well as being a father and wanting to give Grace the best Christmas and it's not long before Viola is offering to help. It soon becomes clear just how selfless Viola is, putting everyone first but herself. With such a demanding family being pulled from all angles and called upon by everyone. There were a few occasions where I felt angry on Viola's behalf, her family just didn't seem to respect her, constantly leaning on her without even asking her first. I really wanted Viola to stand up for herself and push back!

With Viola helping Nate with home life it's soon evident that there is an attraction between them but Nate soon puts a stop to anything happening due to his daughter Grace and a past relationship stopping him from going further.  At times I felt frustrated for Viola and Nate, clearly seeing the chemistry between them and how easy Viola slips into family life with Nate and Grace.

I absolutely adored Grace and her cheekiness, I loved reading of her excitement for all things Christmas, building a gingerbread house, decorating the tree and sending out Christmas cards. But at times I also felt for her, at how vulnerable and sad she was, it would seem Grace had to grow up too fast and be mature in certain situations when she shouldn't have needed to.

The nativity was a fun part to read about in the book and one I really wanted to see in real life! The storyline sounded such a hoot and the characters so much fun, especially Jack who wanted to be nothing but an armadillo! A Christmas armadillo at that! Viola being the loveliest person ever manages to write a part just for him.

This story is heartwarming, about family, trust and love. I really enjoyed reading this story with all the festivites on the run up to Christmas in Notting Hill.  I highly recommend you reading this book over the Christmas holidays, I also recommend having a hot chocolate on the go at all times while reading as this book made me want one!

Big thank you to Jules Wake and Rachel Random Resources for the ARC and for the invitation to the Blog Tour!  A fab read! 

Purchase Links

UK -

US -

Author Bio

Jules Wake announced at the age of ten that she planned to be a writer. Along the way she was diverted by the glamorous world of PR and worked on many luxury brands and not so luxury brands. This proved fabulous training for writing novels as it provided her with the opportunity to hone her writing and creative skills penning copy on a vast range of subjects from pig farming and watches, sunglasses and skincare through to beer and stationery.

She writes best-selling warm-hearted contemporary fiction for One More Chapter as Jules Wake and under her pen name Julie Caplin, she writes the Romantic Escapes series.

Between them, the two Js have written twelve novels, Notting Hill in the Snow being the latest.

Social Media Links


Instagram: juleswakeauthor

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Blog Tour Book Review: The Gift of Happiness by Holly Martin

This December Ruby Marlowe is relocating her little Christmas shop and everything she owns to the pretty seaside village of Happiness. With her best friend Willow already living there, and a heartbreaking past she’d rather forget, Ruby jumped at the offer of a cosy cottage and a fresh start on the Cornish coast. But she wasn’t the only one…

The last person Ruby expects to find in Happiness is her summer fling, the very gorgeous Jacob Harrington. He’s the only man who has come close to unlocking her heart, and therefore the one man she knew she could never see again. But now he’s here in the same village, and the chemistry between them is more electric than ever.

Falling in love again is something Ruby has vowed never to do. But Jacob is determined to change her mind.

As the village sparkles with Christmas lights and the snow begins to fall, can Jacob convince Ruby that love is worth the risk? And will Ruby accept the gift of happiness that Jacob is offering her before it’s too late?

My Review:
Yay! Another Christmas cracker from the fantastic Holly Martin!

I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to join this Blog Tour and read The Gift of Happiness.

This is the second book in the ‘The Little Village of Happiness’ series but it can easily be read as a stand-alone! Holly’s writing is brilliant, she always includes background snippets of characters to help involve you into the story whether you’re a newbie to the series or needing a reminder! I do however recommend reading The Little Village of Happiness as it’s brilliant too!

It’s so so good to be back in the village catching up with the characters.

This story features Ruby who decides a fresh start is needed and follows her best friend Willow to start a new life in the Village of Happiness. Sounds a perfect place doesn’t it... even more so to know that Ruby intends to open a Christmas shop in the village! Absolute heaven!

Ruby is a fun character to read, I loved that she never missed an opportunity to have fun and sometimes play little tricks on the village folk. The people in the village (bearing in mind the village has grown in numbers since the last book) the people in the village were a hoot! No filters at all and asked the most random embarrassing questions which were hilarious. Julia had to be my favourite! Knew everyone’s business before you knew yourself, brilliant character!

Although sad to read I also liked that Ruby showed two sides to herself throughout the story, a more vulnerable person rather than the joker all the time.

Life in the village is going to be a breath of fresh air but It’s not long before Ruby bumps into an old flame who is also living in the village. Sparks soon fly between the pair but Ruby after having her heart broken in the past keeps her barriers firmly up and holds back from giving her all.

With Christmas round the corner and the village looking more festive by the day will Ruby give into her heart, be brave and face her fears or will she forever be trapped by past emotions.

As always Holly’s books are a dream to read, fun characters, beautiful settings and some steamy romance but Holly also includes every day issues that happen to every day people bringing the book down to earth which I love.

There needs to be another book coming out from the Little Village of Happiness as I’m not quite ready to say goodbye yet!

Big thanks to Holly Martin for the ARC which I have reviewed honestly. 

Buy now!

Author Bio

Holly lives in a little white cottage by the sea. She studied media at university which led to a very glitzy career as a hotel receptionist followed by a even more glamorous two years working in a bank. The moment that one of her colleagues received the much coveted carriage clock for fifteen years' service was the moment when she knew she had to escape. She quit her job and returned to university to train to be a teacher. Three years later, she emerged wide eyed and terrified that she now had responsibility for the development of thirty young minds. She taught for four years and then escaped the classroom to teach history workshops, dressing up as a Viking one day and an Egyptian High Priestess the next. But the long journeys around the UK and many hours sat on the M25 gave her a lot of time to plan out her stories and she now writes full time, doing what she loves.

Holly has been writing for 8 years. She was shortlisted for the New Talent Award at the Festival of Romance. Her short story won the Sunlounger competition and was published in the Sunlounger anthology. She won the Carina Valentine's competition at the Festival of Romance 2013 with her novel The Guestbook. She was shortlisted for Best Romantic Read, Best eBook and Innovation in Romantic Fiction at the Festival of Romance 2014. She is the bestselling author of 18 books.

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Blog Tour Book Review & Giveaway: Reach for a Star by Kathryn Freeman

What if your dreams were so close you could reach out and touch them?
How could anyone resist Michael Tennant, with his hypnotic blue eyes and voice like molten chocolate? Jessie Simmons certainly can’t. But Jessie’s a single mum who can’t sing to save her life – there’s no way she’ll ever cross paths with the star tenor.

At least that’s what she thinks until she’s unexpectedly invited to take part in a new reality TV show. The premise? Professional singers teach hopeless amateurs how to sing. The surprise? Jessie’s partner is none other than Michael Tennant!

As she becomes better acquainted with the man behind the voice, will Jessie find out the hard way that you should never meet your idols? Or will she get more than she bargained for?

My Review:
Welcome to my stop on the Blog Tour for Kathryn Freeman's new book 'Reach for a Star'.  I enjoyed Kathryn's last book 'Crikey a Bodyguard' so I was delighted to be asked to read and review 'Reach for a Star'.

The story focuses on Jessie, single mother to two young boys, a pharmacist and pretty much a lonely romantic.  Distracting herself from everyday domestic chores and everything that entails being a mum, Jessie often day dreams of her crush Michael Tennant a famous tenor and what it would be like to become the next Mrs Tennant. 

A TV show called 'The week of your life' suddenly gets in touch with Jessie accepting her place to audition.  A show for normal every day people who cannot sing or hold a tune to have  a week training with a well known singer and hopefully improve and win the competition.  But hold on... Jessie never put her name down for any type of show.  It doesn't take long before Jessie confirms the culprit or culprits in this instance.  

Jessie decides to bite the bullet and go ahead and audition for the show, being accepted was never going to happen was it?
Soon Jessie finds herself travelling to London staying in a swanky hotel, training with none other than the man himself Michael Tennant.  Jessie has to pinch herself to make sure she's still not dreaming, determined however not to let on how much of a crush she has on him, she keeps focus on the competition and not showing herself up in front of thousands of people. 

After a rough first meeting Jessie soon realises that Michael Tennant is a very different person off stage.  Michael came across as an insecure person who doesn't cope well in certain situations, one to one conversations were not his strong point.  Leaving her feeling cheated that he wasn't the person she had envisaged being.  

I loved that I could read both characters perspectives helping me to understand why Michael came across the way he did and it also gives you that extra insight to the future on what might happen.

The story doesn't just focus on the competition, that is only a small part of the story, concentrating more on what happens after the cameras have stopped rolling.

This story is a little far fetched but that's what reading is all about, this is perfect for those times when you need that escapism from every day life and want to read pretty much a modern day fairy tale.  I liked the story and it held my attention from the first chapter, although you could see where it might lead to I wasn't always 100% sure in fact this book kept me up until the early hours just so I could find out the ending!

I really am enjoying Kathryn's books, they are always fun to read, with lots of emotions thrown in and some steamy romance scenes too!

Big thanks to Kathryn Freeman, Choc Lit and Rachel's Random Resources for the ARC and for asking me to join the blog tour.

Author Bio
A former pharmacist, I’m now a medical writer who also writes romance. Some days a racing heart is a medical condition, others it’s the reaction to a hunky hero.

With two teenage boys and a husband who asks every Valentine’s Day whether he has to buy a card (yes, he does), any romance is all in my head. Then again, his unstinting support of my career change proves love isn't always about hearts and flowers - and heroes come in many disguises.

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Blog Tour Book Review: Coming Home to Glendale Hall by Victoria Walters

No matter how far you go, home is where the heart is...

Beth Williams hasn’t been home for ten years. After falling pregnant at sixteen, she ran away from the imposing Scottish estate where she grew up rather than risk her family’s disapproval, working hard to build a life for herself and daughter Isabelle - but now she’s finally returning to Glendale Hall.

As Beth tries to mend her broken family ties, and fights to bring the community of Glendale back together, she realises that the story she has told herself for a decade might well be a very different one from the truth. Even though she ran from Glendale it has never left her heart. And, she soon realises, neither has Drew – Beth’s first love.

Will Beth be able to forgive her mother and grandmother (and herself) for what happened ten years ago? What will Drew say when he discovers the secret she’s been keeping from him for so long? Can a festive trail bring the village back together?

Will Christmas work its magic on Glendale - or will Beth be forced to run away from it all over again?

A charming, uplifting novel that will warm your heart – the perfect read to curl up with this autumn. Fans of Trisha Ashley, Debbie Johnson and Cathy Bramley will love this gorgeously romantic read.

My Review
Yay!  It's my stop on the blog tour for this fantastic festive treat!  Coming Home to Glendale Hall by Victoria Walter.  Oh and what a treat it is!

This is the first book I have read by Victoria Walters.  What have I been doing all my life to not have read one of her books!  After reading the synopsis I instantly knew this was a bit of me and I just had to read it!

The story follows Beth, running away from home at sixteen, pregnant and alone.  Beth has learnt to cope without her family while bringing up daughter Isabelle.  But Ten years later a Christmas family reunion brings Beth back to Glendale bringing up all sorts of emotions that she thought she had buried deep.

Feelings of regret overwhelm Beth after witnessing the breakdown of her family and the decline of the local village.  Especially after seeing the love of her life Drew who she never quite got over... I mean after reading this I can't seem to get over him neither!
Beth has to put her feelings to one side to support her family, the community and more importantly her daughters happiness.

Where to start?!  I loved all the characters throughout the story, all having their own background and mini story not just Beth.  My favourite was definitely Isabelle... a book worm who would rather stay inside to read then go outside will always have my vote.

The story takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions that's for sure.  The story and the characters felt very real and totally relatable that you easily got swept up in the situations that arose in the story.  The first chapter had me hooked and I struggled to put it down when adulting got in the way.

This book had me feeling super Christmassy which was a nice distraction from the grey damp weather we have been having!  The festive trail sounded beautiful making me wish I could visit Glendale and the festivities.

All in all a charming book that I would recommend you read anytime of the year, not just Christmas.

Home is where the heart is... That quote is simply perfect for this story.

A big thank you goes to Victoria Walters, Rachel's Random Resources and Netgalley for the ARC and for allowing me to join this fab blog tour.

Purchase Links!

Author Bio

Victoria Walters writes up-lifting and inspiring stories. Her moving debut novel THE SECOND LOVE OF MY LIFE was chosen for WHSmith Fresh Talent and shortlisted for an RNA award. Victoria was also picked as an Amazon Rising Star. Her heart-warming new novel SUMMER AT THE KINDNESS CAFE is available to download now.

As well as being an author, Victoria also works as a Waterstones bookseller and buys far too many books there. She lives in Surrey with her cat Harry (named after Harry Potter). Victoria is not only obsessed with books but loves buying slogan tops, mugs and notebooks, and posting them all on Instagram.

You can discover more about Victoria – and find pictures of Harry the cat – by following her on Instagram at @vickyjwalters, on Twitter at @Vicky_Walters or by visiting her blog at:

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Blog Tour Book Review: Four Christmases and a Secret by Zara Stoneley

Four Christmases and a Secret

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Except for Daisy Christmas means another of Uncle T’s dreaded Christmas parties, complete with Christmas jumper and flashing antlers. And Oliver Cartwright. Gorgeous Oliver Cartwright. Who she hates.

Every year Daisy has to face insufferable Ollie and hear all about how BRILLIANT he is. Whereas Daisy has no job, no man and no idea how to fix things.

This Christmas however Daisy is determined things will be different. There will be no snogging Ollie under the mistletoe like when they were teenagers. No, this year she’ll show Ollie that she’s a Responsible Adult too.

But as the champagne corks pop, and the tinsel sparkles, Uncle T has news of his own to share…and it could change Daisy's life forever…

My Review:
Welcome to my stop on this festive Blog Tour for Zara Stoneley's Four Christmases and a Secret.  OUT TODAY!

I was chuffed to be asked to read and review Zara's new book, as you all know I am a huge fan of her stories and this one is another corker!  A story that includes festive jumpers celebrating Christmas Eve at a party in a bookshop has my vote!  But don't fear if you think festive books are out too early, this story takes us through all the seasons as well as covering four Christmases so no bah humbugging just yet!

I really warmed to the main character Daisy straight away.  A fun, caring and like a lot of us a little insecure in where life is leading.  With an interfering mother who means well but can be suffocating Daisy lacks that confidence which I am pleased to report builds throughout the story, such a joy to witness.

How can Daisy not feel in direct competition with Oliver's name being thrown around.  Oliver, a boy from Daisy's childhood and son of her mum's friend.  Being told how amazing Ollie is can be downright annoying but Daisy decides enough and is determined to shine brighter.
You can't beat a pushy mother in a book (especially when there not yours) but luckily Zara gave us two!  The rivalry between the two mums was cringing but oh so fun to read.   

My favourite character though has to be Uncle Terence who owns the book shop where all the magnificent Christmas Eve parties take place year after year.  I liked the relationship between him and Daisy, he is a true gentleman, a confident throughout giving her that little encouragement to dream big and to not give up.

Romance... It's not a festive read without a little romance, after all Daisy deserves a little love in her life.  Although I have to admit I wasn't too keen on one of her love interests, I took an instant dislike!  

With a perfect ending to such a heart-warming story,  This gave me all the warm fuzzy feelings right until the very end and made me want to play Michael Buble Christmas on repeat.. too early? NEVER!
I would love love to see this on the big screen!  A mix between Bridget Jones and Love Actually.  I would be first in line!

Oh and not forgetting the secret... well that would be telling and I shall leave that for you to find out.  But I had no clue all the way through, didn't stop me guessing though!

Another fabulous book from Zara that you all should read anytime of the year.  Huge thanks to Zara Stoneley, Rachel Random Resources and Netgalley for the ARC which I have reviewed honestly and for inviting me along on this fab Blog Tour!

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Author Bio 

Zara Stoneley is the USA Today bestselling author of 'The Wedding Date'.

She lives in a Cheshire village with her family, a lively cockapoo called Harry, and a very bossy (and slightly evil) cat called Saffron.

Born in a small village in the UK, Zara wanted to be a female James Herriot, a spy, or an author when she grew up. After many (many) years, and many different jobs, her dream of writing a bestseller came true. She now writes about friendship, dreams, love, and happy ever afters, and hopes that her tales make you laugh a lot, cry a little, and occasionally say 'ahhh'.

Zara’s bestselling novels include 'Bridesmaids', 'No One Cancels Christmas', 'The Wedding Date', 'The Holiday Swap', 'Summer with the Country Village Vet', 'Blackberry Picking at Jasmine Cottage' and the popular Tippermere series - 'Stable Mates', 'Country Affairs' and 'Country Rivals'.

Social Media Links –

Twitter: @ZaraStoneley

Instagram: zarastoneley



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Blog Tour Book Review: The Secret Cove in Croatia by Julie Caplin

Sail away to beautiful Croatia for summer sun, sparkling turquoise seas and a holiday romance that’s forever… 

When no-nonsense, down-to-earth Maddie Wilcox is offered the chance to work on a luxury yacht for the summer, she can’t say no. Yes she’ll be waiting on the posh guests… But island-hopping around the Adriatic sea will more than make up for it – especially when Nick, her best friend Nina’s brother, is one of them. 

Sparks fly when they meet on board and Maddie can’t believe self-entitled jerk Nick is really related to Nina. 

But in a secret, picture-perfect cove, away from the real world, Maddie and Nick discover they might have more in common than they realise… 

My Review: 
It’s publication day and my stop on the blog tour for the wonderful Julie Caplin’s new book ‘The Secret Cove in Croatia’ This is the fifth book in the fabulous Romantic Escapes series and another beautiful country to add to my ever growing bucket list! 

This can easily be read as a standalone however I have enjoyed reading in the order of the series, you will find characters pop up throughout the series and some characters are linked either by friendships or family, but as I said, reading as a standalone you won’t be missing out on anything as Julie has a superb way of recapping any characters. 

So we are in beautiful Croatia relaxing on a yacht, crystal clear waters and no clouds in the sky but no relaxing for Maddie. Maddie needs a job, after spending a year in Paris she now has to get her head into gear and find a job after finishing her degree in History of Art but finding a job is becoming more tricky than she thought. When her friend Nina messages her offering her work on a yacht for two weeks as a hostess, Maddie jumps at the chance… How difficult can it be, a little cleaning and cooking (not that she is a whizz in the kitchen!) can’t be too difficult. It seems that boat life is for Maddie as she picks up the ropes pretty quickly! 

One of the guests on the yacht is Nick, far from home and the family farm where he works he is looking forward to island hopping and holidaying with his new girlfriend and model Tara and her friends. Maddie is looking forward to meeting Nick, after all he is Nina’s brother who she has heard so much about and she hopes he could be an ally while on the yacht. However this doesn’t work out well after an awkward first meeting they don’t get off to a good start and Maddie is surprised that Nick is the complete opposite to how she imaged he would be. 

With some demanding guests, (oh some just drove me mad) Maddie has her work cut out for her but as the holiday goes on and some plans change Maddie and Nick find themselves pushed together and soon realise just how much they have in common and sparks begin to fly! I love that the chapters switched between both characters of Maddie and Nick, giving you an extra insight into the characters but then it can also make me want to bash their heads together. I really liked Maddie, she is someone I am sure everyone could relate to, hard-working, fun but deep down she hides some insecurities which makes her so normal and relatable. 

As always the descriptions of the locations in Julie’s books are amazing and really sets the scene and makes you feel like you are there, my most favourite part was the secret cove itself, it just sounded absolute perfection with its crystal waters. These books always have a habit of making me hungry too with mouth-watering delicious food, Julie really does have a great way of capturing everything about the location. 

I loved this book and I really didn’t want it to end, surely Maddie’s story is only just beginning! I am really hoping this isn’t the last in the romantic escapes series as I enjoy the stories so much, where are we jetting off to next Julie? 

Huge thanks to Julie Caplin and Rachel Random Resources for giving me the ARC which I have reviewed honestly and for asking me to take part in this fun blog tour.  Don't forget to take a look at the other great bloggers taking part in this tour!

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Author Bio 

Jules Wake announced at the age of ten that she planned to be a writer. Along the way she was diverted by the glamorous world of PR and worked on many luxury brands, taking journalists on press trips to awful places like Turin, Milan, Geneva, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam and occasionally losing the odd member of the press in an airport. This proved fabulous training for writing novels as it provided her with the opportunity to eat amazing food, drink free alcohol, hone her writing skills on press releases and to research European cities for her books. 

She writes best-selling warm-hearted contemporary fiction for HarperImpulse. 

Under her pen name, Julie Caplin, her twelfth novel, The Secret Cove in Croatia published in ebook format this July.

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Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Blog Tour Book Review: The Wedding Planner by Eve Devon

Wedding bells are ringing and gossip is spiralling in Whispers Wood…

Single mum Gloria Pavey has a bad habit of saying exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time. Determined to make a positive change she can’t say no when her best friend, Emma, asks her to take on the role of her wedding planner. The only problem? Gloria’s co-planner – best man Seth Knightley. 

Gloria is on a self-imposed man ban but pulling together the most beautiful wedding Whispers Wood has ever seen alongside gorgeous Seth is pushing her to her limits. As every interaction increases the tension between them Gloria finds herself wondering…could the happy ever after she never thought she’d have be in her future after all? 

My Review: 
‘The Wedding Planner’ makes a stop at Love Books Actually today for this fabulous Blog Tour! This is my first book by Eve Devon and certainly won’t be my last. I jumped at the chance to read this, mainly due to the cover, such a beauty and before even reading the synopsis I knew I wanted to be a part of it! 

After reading a couple of reviews I realised that this is the third book in the ‘Whispers Wood’ series but if you are like me and haven’t picked up an Eve Devon book before I assure you it can be read as a standalone. I do however have plans to re visit Whispers Wood and re read the start of the series. 

As mentioned before this can be read as a standalone, Eve has included a handy character guide at the beginning of the book to help you get to know everyone’s background. I did find it a little tough to begin with to get into the story, I think this was mainly down to all the characters, I found myself constantly flicking back to the guide to find out who was who but it didn’t take me long before I was sucked into the story of Gloria. 

Gloria a single mum and a hater of weddings after her own marriage crumbled, she is now bridesmaid to best friend and boss Emma. Not only carrying out bridesmaid duties but also wedding planner for the couple along with co-planner best man Seth Knightley. 

I loved the character of Gloria, she is feisty, frightening and with no filter you never know what’s going to pop out of her mouth. It was a refreshing change to read about a female character with more balls than a snooker table! Ha! Although she is a tough cookie and her advice although a little harsh, always spoke honestly and I really admired her for that but deep down Gloria came across a little insecure and I felt the hard exterior was more for protection. I really enjoyed reading the scenes between her and old man Issac who was Gloria’s confident and most probably the only person who would tell Gloria how it is. 

Trying to be more positive and open she struggles to turn down best friend Emma when she reaches out for her help to arrange her wedding to Jake. Her worst nightmare, Gloria grits her teeth and gets on with the job but planning the special day brings back all those memories of Gloria’s wedding day out of a locked box she had been keeping at the back of her mind. 

So.. Gorgeous Seth, Jake’s best man he too has been listed to help with the arrangements along with Gloria. Seth is probably the complete opposite to Gloria but they say opposites attract! I loved how super nice, kind and caring he always was towards Gloria, understanding why she felt a need to keep a distance and form barriers from all the wedding plans. Being recently divorced himself he totally got her but this didn’t stop him wanting to pull those barriers down. Ah I loved the scenes between Gloria and Seth a romance based on friendship, it was such a pleasure to see Gloria’s character change throughout the story and you wanted nothing but happiness for Gloria.

This story was all kinds of fun and oh so heartwarming!  Full of all the nice things in life friendships, family and love.  I really recommend you read Gloria's story! 

Huge thanks to Eve Devon, Rachel Random Resources and Netgalley for the ARC and for allowing me to take part in this fantastic Blog Tour!

Author Bio

My name’s Eve Devon and I write sexy heroes, sassy heroines and happy ever afters…

Growing up in locations like Botswana and Venezuela gave me a taste for adventure and my love for romances began when my mother shoved one into my hands in a desperate attempt to keep me quiet during TV coverage of the Wimbledon tennis finals. 

When I wasn’t consuming books by the bucket-load, I could be found pretending to be a damsel in distress or running around solving mysteries and writing down my adventures. As a teenager, I wrote countless episodes of TV detective dramas so the hero and heroine would end up together every week. As an adult, I worked in a library to conveniently continue consuming books by the bucket-load, until realising I was destined to write contemporary romance and romantic suspense myself. I live in leafy Surrey in the UK, a book-devouring, slightly melodramatic, romance-writing sassy heroine with my very own sexy hero husband!

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